The guided experience to find a GP: a journey in integrating content and data – Becky Smith, Comparative Data Lead, NHS Choices

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The general practitioner (GP) is a specialist doctor trained to work in the front line of the NHS and to take the initial steps to provide care for any health problems that patients may have. As a GP recently told me, they are the first port of call for patients – so choosing the right GP is important.

The guided experience to find a GP tool has been developed to meet specific needs – for example, to satisfy users who say ‘I have just moved house’, ‘ I have a relative coming to live with me’ or ‘I want to find a new general practice’.
It aims to bring together:

  •  Content – informing people about factors to consider when choosing a GP; and
  • Information – telling people such things as the number of GPs at the practice, the services offered and whether the surgery has appointments in the evenings and at weekends.

We have included data in the tool that patients have told us are important when they choose a GP. This includes how other patients rate the practice, what online services are offered, for example online appointment booking, and if there are male and female GPs at the practice.

We would like the ‘guided experience’ concept to be developed further to meet other needs, for example finding a hospital for planned surgery, finding a suitable care service, finding a dentist.

Please do let us know what you think of our tool and the Beta.

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