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The NHS symptom checkers help users assess symptoms and advice on the best possible treatment for specific conditions. The tools guide users through a series of questions that seek to establish their current health situation depending on gender, age and other physical and mental factors.

In order to access the tool for use on your website, you need to follow the instructions and register through our NHS Choices website. You will be given a unique URL which contains a unique code to access the tools. This URL will direct you to the symptom checker of your preference and embed it into your website by using the iframe function.


We have over 45 different symptom checkers customised for different conditions. Please make sure you interlink the symptom checker pages to other relevant content pages, so that users can easily find them, maximising their value on your website.

You can find more supporting information in the following guides:

Syndication Introduction Factsheet

iFrames FAQs


XML Implementation Checklist

XML style guide

Developers Guide

If you experience any problems please email servicedesk@nhschoices.nhs.uk

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