A new hospital and GP experience on Bing

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Choosing the right GP surgery for you and your family is important. Not only is location significant, you may also want to take into account what facilities are there, the opening times and what other patients have experienced.

If you want to change surgery or find out where your closest A&E is, for a number of years you have been able to compare quality, trusted, up-to-date health information on NHS Choices.

Last year our service directories had over 45 million views, but when we compare that with the number of GP and hospital search engine queries, there are many more people not making the most of the comparison data available to them.

A better search experience

Over the last year, we have collaborated with our friends at Bing to provide users with a comprehensive GP and hospital search experience – enabling us to better connect people to the information and services they need.

A quick search of ‘GP in’ followed by a location now delivers a summary of each local service, including location, opening times and NHS user reviews – all taken from NHS Choices.


Key details at your fingertips

A deeper exploration of the results gives the user everything required to choose the right service.


A useful list of amenities tells you exactly what is on offer at the hospital or surgery, while NHS user reviews highlight the experiences had by previous patients, so you can make the right decision for you and your family.

Just moved to the area? Once you’ve chosen the right practice, click on the link featured for each service, where you can download a registration form and get yourself signed up.


Check out the experience here, and let us know what you think below.

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