Social and Digital Media blog – February 2017

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In February our Facebook account gained 6,270 new followers, taking the total up to 144,821. We received 2,058 new followers on Twitter, taking the total to 202,617. Across the month, we had 348,893 engaged users, encompassing likes, comments, shares and clicks on social media.

Top Tweet
Our tweet that reached the most people this month linked to the ‘top cancer apps’ pages. Its success was largely due to the copy referencing #WorldCancerDay. This tweet received 317 retweets, 166 likes, 213 link clicks and reached 65,076 people. The awareness day was on a Saturday 4th Feb and we published the tweet on Friday 3rd Feb, as we receive more engagement on weekdays than weekends.

Top Facebook post
Our Facebook post that reached the most people this month was on Raynaud’s phenomenon; its success came from linking the post to Raynaud’s awareness month. Our post had a remarkable 3,955 shares, 1,874 likes, 3,994 comments, 39,445 link clicks and reached 1,016,921 people.


Top five clicked Facebook posts Link clicks
Raynaud’s phenomenon 38,168
Scarlet fever 4,267
Tinnitus 2,057
Insomnia 1,416
Symptoms of dementia  1,374
Top five clicked tweets Link clicks
Heart age tool 493
Tinnitus 457
Heart age tool 448
Heart age tool 344
Top sources of added sugar in our diet 290


Scarlet fever
Scarlet fever occurs most often in the winter and spring and for the past three years in a row, incidence of scarlet fever has shown a marked elevation. Our post on scarlet fever was the second most clicked link through our Facebook page, with 4,267 clicks. The post received 1,669 reactions, comments and shares, reaching 153,924 people. We expect the scarlet fever pages to do well across the whole of spring.

The Health A-Z page for tinnitus was popular, as Tinnitus Awareness Week ran from February 6-12. The most successful post on Facebook had 1,170 reactions, comments and shares, and reached 89,087 people. The most successful post on Twitter had 240 retweets, 168 likes and reached 59,290 people.

David Cassidy
Our symptoms of dementia page received 1,374 clicks through Facebook on February 22. The post mentioned how American musician David Cassidy revealed his dementia diagnosis a day after appearing to falter on stage during a concert, as well as details about dementia being a collection of symptoms.

Heart age tool
The heart age tool ranks in our most clicked list for Twitter for the third consecutive month. Other posts about the heart age tool also ranked third, fourth and fifth in the list. The top tweet received 69 retweets, 32 likes and 493 link clicks.

Female Genital Mutilation
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) was featured on an episode of hit BBC drama Call The Midwife this month, with a story highlighting the plight of a young immigrant mother-to-be in the 1960s. Collaborating with the Department of Health FGM team, we shared content signposting the help available for those affected.

Snap Inc.
Snap, the company responsible for Snapchat recently went public with its shares. Snapchat is free and the company generates revenue primarily through advertising, similar to Facebook and Twitter. If Snap continues steady growth, it may become a serious contender as an advertising platform for both the NHS and government, assisting efforts to engage with hard-to-reach audiences. Facebook advertising already allows us to reach across many key audiences and at a reasonable cost compared to traditional media advertising. Read more about Snap’s IPO here.

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