NHS Choices weekly website report – week 13

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What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis. Schematic drawing of various types of endometriosis disease. Female reproductive system. uterus with broad ligament on the white background. Vector illustration of the uterus. female diseases.

This week’s NHS Choices website weekly report covers the period from March 27-April 2 2017, which saw 11.9 million visits to the site. This was a 3.08% increase on the previous week, and a 4.24% increase compared with the same period last year. Unique visitors totalled 8.60 million.

NHS Choices visits 2016 vs 2017

Top 10 site area visits (% of total visits)

Visits to The NHS in England saw the biggest increase this week, going up by 0.13%. This week’s biggest faller was the One You core, which saw a 0.15% decrease in visits compared with last week.

Within Treatments and Conditions, there are a number of guides providing in-depth information on topics such as ‘pregnancy and baby’; ‘contraception’; ‘vaccinations’; ‘stress, anxiety and depression’; and a guide for ‘care and support’. Guides accounted for 9.31% of all site visits in week 13.

Sepsis: An interview on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ led to an increase in visits to sepsis pages. Melissa Mead’s son William died days after his first birthday, as doctors had failed to spot he had sepsis. Visits to the ‘Sepsis introduction’ page rose by 93% to total 63,962, with 43% of visits occurring on March 30 – the day of the interview. During the interview, there was a clear spike in visits, with visits during the 10am-11am viewing window accounting for 14% of the daily total. Visits then remained elevated for the remainder of the day. Visits to the ‘causes’ page saw a 36% rise too.

Endometriosis: A number of reports in the national press about women with endometriosis not being diagnosed quickly enough and receiving unacceptable treatment, led to an increase in visits to pages on the condition. Endometriosis is a common condition where tissue that behaves like the lining of the womb (the endometrium) is found outside the womb. Visits to the ‘Endometriosis introduction’ page rose by 61% to 43,974, while visits to the ‘causes’ page went up by 76%. The ‘Endometriosis treatment’ page saw visits increase by 40% to 3,819.

Top 10 search engine referral phrases: ‘Endometriosis’ and ‘nhschoices’ entered the top 10 this week after ranking 19th and 15th respectively last week.

Scarlet fever: As cases of scarlet fever remain elevated, with a number of areas reporting outbreaks, it is unsurprising that visits to scarlet fever remains high. During week 13, visits to the ‘Scarlet fever introduction’ page rose by 15% to 65,605, seeing the page rank as the 16th most visited on NHS Choices during the week.

Ovarian cancer: A photo of an ovarian cancer scar, shared on Instagram by model Elly Mayday, brought the condition into the spotlight after a number of online reports about the post were published. Visits to the ‘Ovarian cancer symptoms’ page saw an 89% increase to total 17,176, while visits to the ‘introduction’ page went up by 66% to 15,602. The ‘symptoms’ page on the Be Clear on Cancer site also a saw an 89% increase.

Neuroblastoma: Visits to the ‘Neuroblastoma’ page saw a 624% increase to total 7,952, after a link to the page featured in an article about Bradley Lowery on the BBC website. Bradley has neuroblastoma and has been accepted on a new cell therapy trial. The five-year-old football fan has developed a friendship with Sunderland footballer Jermain Defoe and recently led out the England team at Wembley. Visits to the page spiked on April 2 – the day the article was published – with 43% of traffic coming from the BBC.

Dental charges: There was increased interest in pages relating to dental charges as the new tariffs came into force on April 1. Visits to the ‘Understanding NHS dental charges’ page saw an 11% increase to total 20,742, while visits to the ‘Get help with dental costs’ page saw 9,713 visits. Similar rises were seen in visits to the ‘Get help with prescription costs’ page as prescription charges also rose from April. Visits to the ‘Get help with prescription costs’ page rose by 23% to total16,822.

Top 10 videos: Video views, including those on the NHS Choices YouTube channel, were 166,543, a 7.60% decrease compared with the previous week. The ‘Pilates’ video was top, with 4,709 views.

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