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In April 2017 our Facebook account gained 926 followers, taking the total up to 148,936. We received 1,335 new followers on Twitter, taking the total up to 205,904. Across the month we had 146,852 engaged users, encompassing likes, comments, shares and clicks on social media.

Top Tweet
Our tweet that reached the most people this month was linked to World Physical Activity Day. The post advertised the free workout plans available on our site. This post had 290 retweets, 242 likes, 563 link clicks, and reached 57,635 people.


Favourite on Facebook
Our Facebook post that reached the most people this month was linked to National Stop Snoring Week. It is also the most clicked link on Facebook, with 6,476 clicks. The post linked to treatment for snoring, and had 306 reactions, 651 shares, 868 comments, reaching 308,099 people.

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Most clicked on Facebook

Link page Number of clicks
1 Treating snoring 6,476
2 Type 2 diabetes self-assessment 4,578
3 How to deal with stress 2,063
4 Irritable bowel syndrome 1,929
5 Depression self-assessment tool 1,715
6 What does 100 calories look like? 1,701
7 Evidence on superfoods: Green tea 1,197
8 Common posture mistakes and fixes 1,095
9 Tinnitus – Treatment 1,017
10 Sunburn 1,013


Most clicked on Twitter

Link page Number of clicks
1 Depression self-assessment tool 573
2 Darebee’s workouts 553
3 Heart age tool 313
4 Kidney self-assessment tool 309
5 BEAT ovarian cancer tool 305
6 How can I speed up my metabolism? 281
7 Evidence on superfoods: Green tea 274
8 Heart age tool 213
9 NHS weight loss plan 208
10 Blood pressure test 198


Tools, glorious tools
The depression self-assessment tool was very popular on both Facebook and Twitter this month, likely because depression was the theme of World Health Day this year. The most popular Facebook post received 898 reactions, comments and shares, reached 67,705 people, and had 1,715 clicks to the tool. The most popular tweet linking to the tool (and most clicked link on Twitter this month) received 190 retweets, 95 likes and 573 clicks to the website.

The diabetes self-assessment tool was also popular, with 4,578 clicks to the website, making it the second most clicked link on Facebook. The post had 465 reactions, comments and shares, reaching 66,695 people.

The heart age tool remains in the top clicked charts for the fifth month in a row, still using the same copy and image. It features twice in top clicked on Twitter. The most successful tweet received 82 retweets, 27 likes and 313 link clicks, making it the third most clicked link on Twitter. It was also the top clicked link in the monthly Your Health newsletter, with 3,404 clicks.

The kidney disease self-assessment tool was also popular, ranking as the fourth most clicked on Twitter, with 309 link clicks. This tweet received 29 retweets and 13 likes. The “BEAT ovarian cancer symptom checker tool” ranked fifth, with 305 clicks, and the blood pressure tool ranked ninth, with 198 clicks.

Stress Awareness Month
The ‘Struggling with stress’ page in the Moodzone was the third most clicked link on Facebook this month, most likely because the post copy mentioned Stress Awareness Month. This post had 1,652 reactions, comments and shares, 2,063 link clicks, and reached 112,388 people.

IBS Awareness Month
IBS Awareness Month proved popular, with one Facebook post generating 731 reactions, comments and shares, 1,929 link clicks, and reaching 73,480 people. This post, which links to the Irritable bowel syndrome page, was the fourth most clicked link on Facebook this month.

Improved email service on the horizon
As some of you may be aware, we have recently begun moving over to our new eCRM provider, BrotherMailer. As part of this transition, we have been working with the content editors to replace the sign-up forms for Weight loss, Dementia and Your Health across the site.

The new forms will enable us to collect more information about people signing up for these services, allowing us to create divergent email journeys.

We’re hoping to finish the migration by the end of this month and will continue to provide updates on how our email products are evolving.

Your Health newsletter
April’s edition of Your Health featured content relating to Stress Awareness Month, with links to the ‘How to deal with stress’ page and the depression self-assessment tool. The newsletter also included content on bowel cancer, office-friendly workouts, and the heart age tool. Your Health was sent to subscribers on Monday April 24, and resent to non-openers on Thursday April 27. The result was 26,238 unique opens from 102,737 subscribers.

You can view April’s edition here.

Unique addresses received: 98,765
Open rate: 26,238 unique opens – 25.53%
Click through rate: 7,793 unique clicks – 29.70%


Top five most clicked Unique clicks Repeat clicks
Heart age tool 2,553 851
Depression self-assessment tool 2,448 455
Bowel cancer 2,085 320
How to deal with stress 1,469 266
Office friendly workouts 1,207 382


Twitter bets big on video
Twitter revealed last month it has plans to amplify its video offering by launching 24/7 streaming channels. It hopes to work with partners such as news organisations to deliver round-the-clock content, as well as daily and weekly programming from the likes of BuzzFeed Video. Twitter has already committed to streaming weekly Major League Baseball games here.

This comes after a big push from Facebook for users to use their live video function. The company has faced backlash from the press and the public for being slow to take down footage of disturbing scenes filmed by users.

The landscape for how people consume information is constantly refining – if Twitter succeeds in using live video in this way, it could become a larger part of their advertising strategy, which has had mixed success over recent years. It’s now over to the users to decide whether they’d like to use it.

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