NHS Choices weekly website report – week 22

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What causes a red eye?

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This week’s NHS Choices website weekly report covers the period May 29 – June 04 2017, which saw 9.88 million visits to the site. This was a 0.12% decrease on the previous week, and a 7.17% decrease compared with the same period last year. Unique visitors totalled 7.25 million.

NHS Choices visits 2016 vs 2017

Top 10 site area visits (% of total visits)

Visits to Treatments and Conditions, Tools, and Find and Compare saw the biggest increase this week, going up by 0.11%. This week’s biggest faller was Common Health Questions, which saw a 0.25% decrease in visits compared with last week.

Within Treatments and Conditions, there are a number of guides providing in-depth information on topics such as ‘pregnancy and baby’; ‘contraception’; ‘vaccinations’; ‘stress, anxiety and depression’; and a guide for ‘care and support’. Guides accounted for 9.81% of all site visits in week 22.

Chickenpox:  Visits to the ‘Chickenpox’ page saw a 9% increase to total 51,473, seeing the page rank as the 17th most visited on NHS Choices this week. The ‘Chickenpox symptoms’ page saw a 5% increase in traffic, totalling 31,662, while the ‘treatment’ page saw visits rise by 18%. Common Health Questions on the topic also saw a spike, with ‘How are chickenpox and shingles connected?’ seeing the biggest increase in traffic, going up by 14%.

Cystitis: There was a 15% increase in visits to the ‘Cystitis introduction’ page, and related pages also saw increases. The ‘Cystitis introduction’ page saw 22,117 visits, while the ‘Cystitis treatment’ saw visits rise by 11% to total 13,275. The ‘Urinary tract infections in adults’ page saw 17,453 visits, while traffic to the ‘Smelly urine’ page went up by 10% to 5,286. The ‘Blood in urine (haematuria)’ page saw a 7% increase in traffic, with visits totalling 19,953.

Back pain: Visits to back-related content went up this week, with the ‘Back pain introduction’ page seeing a 15% increase to total 27,807, while traffic to the ‘treatment’ page went up by 12%. The ‘Slipped disc introduction’ page saw a 13% rise in traffic, while two other conditions that can cause back pain, sciatica and scoliosis, were popular, too. Visits to the ‘Sciatica introduction’ page rose by 10% to 24,636. The ‘Scoliosis introduction’ page saw a 180% increase after it was revealed that Simon Cowell would fund a back operation for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ contestant Julia Carlile, who has the condition.

Top 10 search engine referral phrases: ‘Endometriosis’ and ‘cellulitis’ moved into the top 10 this week after ranking 11th and 16th respectively last week.

Women and hair loss: The ‘Women and hair loss: coping tips’ page saw an 86% increase in traffic after actress and TV presenter Nadia Sawalha discussed her hair loss on ITV’s ‘Loose Women’. Visits to the page totalled 3,450.

Eye problems: Visits related to eye problems were popular, with the ‘Eyelid problems’ page seeing a 6% increase in traffic to total 12,106, while the ‘Eye injuries’ page saw 3,151 visits. The ‘Red eye’ page saw a 7% uplift in visits, totalling 9,898 while the ‘Dry eye syndrome’ page saw a 7% rise in traffic to 4,307. Visits to the ‘Stye’ page saw a 19% increase to total 9,793, while the conjunctivitis page saw 6,436 visits. There was also a rise in visits to the ‘Watering eyes’, ‘Black eye’ and ‘Eye cancer’ pages.

Top 10 videos: Video views, including those on the NHS Choices YouTube channel, were 136,244, a 4.72% decrease compared with the previous week. The ‘Pilates’ video was top, with 3,977 views.

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