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In May 2017 our Facebook account gained 898 new followers, taking the total up to 144,350. We received 1,497 new followers on Twitter, taking the total up to 207,401. Across the month we had 114,223 engaged users, encompassing likes, comments, shares and clicks on social media. Our activities on social media were limited by purdah.

Most clicked on Twitter

Link to tweet Tweet text url clicks
Link Depression self-assessment tool 1,503
Link Mole or melanoma? – playbuzz quiz 524
Link Walking for health 364
Link Heart age tool 318
Link Gym-free workouts 230
Link ABCDE of moles tool 226
Link Heart age tool 224
Link Heart age tool 223
Link Statement on reported NHS cyber attack 220
Link A guide to mental health services in England 213
Link Why am I tired all the time? 208


Most clicked on Facebook

Link post Post Message link clicks
Link Statement on reported NHS cyber attack 6,656
Link Mole or melanoma? – playbuzz quiz 3,168
Link Moodzone 2,594
Link Insomnia 1,907
Link Sunburn 1,610
Link Clinical depression 1,414
Link Breast cancer (female) 1,335
Link Why do I feel anxious and panicky? 1,322
Link Hangover cures 1,011
Link Hangover cures 992


Top Tweet
The tweet that reached the most people this month linked to Mental Health Awareness Week, promoting the depression self-assessment tool. This post had 364 retweets, 185 likes, 1,503 link clicks and reached 78,354 people.


Favourite on Facebook
Our Facebook post that reached the most people this month was also linked to Mental Health Awareness week. The post promoted the Moodzone as a source of information for practical advice, interactive tools, videos and audio guides to help people feel mentally and emotionally better. This post had 2,392 reactions, comments and shares, 2,594 clicks and reached 157,933 people.

Sign up form replacement on site
In the last month, we’ve replaced all the sign-up forms across the site. So special thanks to Jean, Steve, Isi and Tori for their help. Now all of our email products have moved over to our new eCRM provider, we are looking to develop more customised journeys that will better cater for our subscriber’s specific needs and interests. We’ll provide more specific updates in the coming months.

Your Health newsletter
May’s edition of Your Health featured content relating to hearing loss. The newsletter also included content on walking as exercise, depression self-assessment, diet advice for vegetarians, tips for exam season, coeliac disease, and a link to the dementia information service. Your Health was sent to subscribers on Tuesday 23th May, and resent to non-openers on Friday 26th May. The result was 24,157 unique opens from 101,784 subscribers. You can view May’s edition here

Unique addresses received:
Open rate:
23,818 unique opens – 23.40%
Click through rate:
4,994 unique clicks – 20.96%

The below shows the five most popular pieces of content:

  1. Hearing loss: unique clicks = 1,907, repeat clicks = 694
  2. Depression self-assessment tool: unique clicks = 1,499, repeat clicks = 512
  3. Vegetarian health: unique clicks = 985, repeat clicks = 319
  4. Walking for health: unique clicks = 850, repeat clicks = 288
  5. Coeliac disease: unique clicks = 596, repeat clicks = 194


NHS Digital’s statement on the cyber-attack was the most clicked Facebook post this month, with 6,656 clicks – more than double the amount of clicks as the second most clicked post (3,168 clicks to the ‘mole or melanoma’ quiz). This post, published as soon as the statement became available, received 296 reactions, 52 comments and reached 123,836 people.

Moles quiz
The sunny weather (albeit brief) was the perfect opportunity to debut the ‘mole or melanoma?’ quiz put together during the firebreak last year. On Twitter, it was the second most clicked link of the month with 82 retweets, 27 likes and 525 clicks. On Facebook it was also the second most popular clicked link, with 122 reactions, 199 shares and 3,168 clicks. The quiz has been ‘started’ 3,842 times and 3,022 people have completed all questions.

The ABCDE of moles tool also reached the top 10 most clicked on Twitter, but the quiz proved more popular. A tweet linking to the tool received 226 link clicks, 61 retweets and reached 15,464 people.

National walking month
The ‘Walking for health’ page was the third most clicked link on Twitter, due to it being National Walking Month. This tweet received 286 retweets, 186 likes, 364 link clicks and reached 58,225 people.

Couch to 5k graduate video
On May 9, we released our in-house video promoting the couch to 5k graduate podcasts. On Facebook the video received 5,642 views, 195 reactions, comments and shares and reached 17,990 people. On Twitter the video received 4,690 views, 174 retweets, 132 likes, 107 link clicks and reached 34,485 people. It also ranked as the 10th best UK Gov tweet for that day.

User Generated Content is King – Mary Meeker releases 2017 internet trends report
The Kleiner Perkins analyst Mary Meeker has released her annual internet trends report. The report (among many other topics) highlights research about user generated content, “Effective UGC can generate 6.9x higher engagement than brand generated content on Facebook”. This is something we’re refining as part of our Instagram strategy for Change4Life.

May 20172

The report also mentions accountability, and how social media can play a key role in improving customer service. It is easier than ever for customers to message brands through social media. Used correctly, these accounts can offer a resolution following bad experiences. You can see Mary’s detailed slide deck here.

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