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Do you know about the dangers of plants in the garden and countryside?

stinging nettle

This week’s NHS Choices website weekly report covers the period June 12-18 2017, which saw 10 million visits to the site. This was a 0.07% increase on the previous week, and a 5.89% decrease compared with the same period last year. Unique visitors totalled 7.35 million.

NHS Choices visits 2016 vs 2017

Top 10 site area visits (% of total visits)

Visits to Treatments and Conditions saw the biggest increase this week, going up by 0.27%. This week’s biggest faller was Service Directories, which saw a 0.28% decrease in visits compared with last week.

Within Treatments and Conditions, there are a number of guides providing in-depth information on topics such as ‘pregnancy and baby’; ‘contraception’; ‘vaccinations’; ‘stress, anxiety and depression’; and a guide for ‘care and support’. Guides accounted for 9.69% of all site visits in week 24.

Sun safety: The recent hot weather caused an increase in the number of people seeking information about sun safety. But it seems it was too late for some, with visits to the ‘Sunburn’ page seeing a 202% increase to total 38,704. The ‘Sunscreen and sun safety’ page saw visits rise by 132% to 4,695, while the ‘Sun safety for children’ page saw close to 4,000 visits – a 323% increase compared with the previous week. Another popular page was the common health question (CHQ) ‘How can I keep my baby safe during hot weather?’ which saw a 2.34K% increase in traffic to total 18,612, while the ‘Heat exhaustion and heat stroke’ page saw visits go up by 311% to 28,640.

Hay fever: A downside to the hot weather for many was the high pollen count. As pollen levels rose, so did visits to hay fever pages, with the ‘Hay fever treatment’ page seeing a 191% increase in traffic to reach 37,646 visits, while the ‘symptoms’ page saw visits rise by 197% to 27,982. Two hay fever-related CHQs were popular, with ‘Can I take hay fever medicine during pregnancy?’ seeing a 134% uplift in traffic, while ‘Can I take hay fever medicine if I’m breastfeeding?’ seeing visits go up by 113%. Related visits to the ‘Antihistamines’ page went up by 70% to 22,797.

Bites and stings: Visits to pages about bites and stings have been of interest, with the ‘Symptoms of insect bites and stings ’ page seeing a 50% uplift in traffic to total 20,564, while the ‘Treating insect bites and stings’ page saw visits increase by 87% to 12,321. The ‘12 UK insects and bugs that bite or sting’ page was popular, seeing a 104% increase in traffic to total 10,204, while the ‘Snake bites’ page saw visits rise by 75%. Away from insects and animals, the ‘Plant dangers in the garden and countryside’ page saw visits go up by 33%.

Top 10 search engine referral phrases: ‘BMI calculator UK’ moved into the top 10 this week after ranking 58th last week. The ‘BMI healthy weight calculator’ page was the most visited on NHS Choices in week 24, with visits seeing an 8% increase to total 200,516.

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