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In June 2017, our Facebook account gained 1,124 new followers, taking the total up to 145,474. We received 1,597 new followers on Twitter, taking the total to 208,998 followers. Across the month, we had 117,415 engaged users, encompassing likes, comments, shares and clicks on social media.

Top 10 tweets

Rank Tweet URL Page URL Clicks
1 Link Heart age tool 315
2 Link Heatwave: how to cope in hot weather 293
3 Link Heatwave: how to cope in hot weather 292
4 Link Does the ‘five-second rule’ really work? 279
5 Link Five health symptoms men shouldn’t ignore 259
6 Link Heart age tool 258
7 Link Your medicine cabinet 232
8 Link Dehydration – Treatment 229
9 Link Heart age tool 217
10 Link Insect bites and stings 188


Top 10 Facebook posts

Facebook URL Page URL Clicks
1 Link Heatwave: how to cope in hot weather 1362
2 Link Dehydration – Treatment 1093
3 Link Baby and toddler safety 963
4 Link Women and hair loss: coping tips 926
5 Link Clinical depression 921
6 Link 10 tips to beat insomnia 879
7 Link Five health symptoms men shouldn’t ignore 653
8 Link Hay fever – Treatment 638
9 Link Why lack of sleep is bad for your health 569
10 Link Treatments for back pain 561


Top tweet
The tweet that reached the most people in June highlighted Carers Week and linked to information on carers’ assessments. This tweet received 78 retweets, 46 likes, 100 link clicks and reached 100,991 people.

Favourite on Facebook
The Facebook post that reached the most people in June was a 30-second video on how to treat insect bites and stings. This post received 596 reactions, comments and shares, had 22,678 video views and reached 173,159 people. 10,075 people watched more than 10 seconds, and 33% of total viewers watched until the end.

Heart age tool
The relentless success of the heart age tool continued, ranking in our “top clicked” lists for the seventh month in a row. Impressively, it was also the most clicked tweet this month (315 clicks), as well as the 6th (258 clicks) and 9th (217 clicks) most clicked tweet.

Hot weather content
Hot weather content was popular across the whole month. Summer safety, dehydration, insect bites, asthma and hay fever all featured in our “top clicked” lists. The post that reached the most people was a video for how to treat an insect bite or sting.

On Facebook, this post received 596 reactions, comments and shares, had 22,678 video views and reached 173,159 people. The most popular link page post linked to the page for dehydration. This post received 833 reactions, comments and shares, reached 59,438 people and had 1,093 clicks.

On Twitter, the “Beat the heat” graphic was very popular. It was the most clicked tweet and was posted on the day of the summer solstice. This tweet had 329 retweets, 163 likes and 293 link clicks (despite a lot of the information already featuring in the infographic)

Women’s hair loss and Nadia Sawalha
Loose Women panellist Nadia Sawalha posted an emotional video talking about losing her hair at the age of 52. Our Facebook post referenced this and linked to our page on coping. This post had 176 reactions, comments and shares, 926 link clicks and reached 36,108 people, making it the 4th most clicked link on Facebook this month.

Men’s Health Week
The article for “Five health symptoms men shouldn’t ignore” was popular during Men’s Health Week. A post on Facebook received 288 reactions, comments and shares, had 653 link clicks and reached 34,589 people. A similar post on Twitter received 154 retweets, 63 likes, 259 link clicks and reached 32,253 people.

Child safety
Child Safety Week offered an opportunity to share our Baby and toddler safety page. Our post on Facebook received 429 reactions, comments and shares, 963 clicks and reached 53,711 people.

The “How to treat bites and stings” video was the most popular this month. It had the most views longer than 3 seconds and most number of shares (see Favourite on Facebook for more).

The second most popular video detailed how to treat a sore throat, which was 42 seconds long. 20,715 people watched more than 3 seconds of this video, and 4,941 people watched more than 30 seconds. This video also had the most link clicks compared with other videos (116 clicks), as well as the most comments (84).

The most popular video on Twitter was a “break the fourth wall” video from Be Clear on Cancer – 7,423 people started this video and 2,419 watched at least 25%. However, the completion rate was relatively low (6.5%). This video was linked to a campaign on encouraging people to visit a GP if they had a cough for more than three weeks.

The video with the highest completion rate (33%) was supplied by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and explained how to defrost meat safely. The video was started by 4,118 people and 2,718 watched at least 25%. This video was linked to a campaign on “safe summer food tips”.

Your Health newsletter
The main feature of the June edition of Your Health focused on heatwave advice. The newsletter also included a link to the FSA’s Safe Summer Food campaign, info on giving blood, cervical screening, men’s health, hay fever and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Your Health was sent to subscribers on Wednesday June 21 and resent to non-openers on Wednesday June 28. The result was 23,495 unique opens from 92,884 subscribers.

Your Health analytics

Sent: 98,965
Unique addresses received: 92,884
Open rate: 23,495 unique opens – 23.74%
Click through rate: 7,636 clicks – 32.5%

The below shows the five most popular pieces of content:

  1. Men’s health: unique clicks = 1,857, repeat clicks = 496
  2. Heatwave advice: unique clicks = 1,100, repeat clicks = 291
  3. Hay fever: unique clicks = 1,002, repeat clicks = 121
  4. Cervical screening: unique clicks = 818, repeat clicks = 98
  5. EHIC: unique clicks = 541, repeat clicks = 65


More transparency for ads on Instagram
Instagram introduced a new way of disclosing sponsored content on its platform in June. Only available to a handful of content creators for now, the “paid partnership” banner appears above the post and underneath the username.

Partnering with influencers is a key trend in social media – and something we’re hoping to explore. Transparency about involvement is relevant to the end user and to the reputation of the organisation sponsoring the content. Read more here.


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