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Did you make sure you were vaccinated before going on holiday?

Pediatrician makes vaccination to small boy
This week’s NHS Choices weekly report covers the period July 31-August 6 2017, which saw 9.84 million visits to the site. This was a 1.75% decrease on the previous week and a 4.17% decrease compared with the same period last year. There were 7.25 million unique visitors.

Visits to videos saw the biggest increase this week, going up by 0.25%. Treatments & Conditions saw the biggest fall, with a 0.24% decrease from last week.

Within Treatments and Conditions, there are a number of guides providing in-depth information on topics such as pregnancy and baby, contraception, vaccinations, stress, anxiety and depression, and care and support. Guides accounted for 9.64% of all site visits in week 30.

NHS Choices visits 2016 vs 2017

Top 10 site area visits

Vaccinations: Vaccinations were in the news as the 5-in-1 infant vaccine became 6-in-1 by adding the hepatitis B vaccine. Previously the hepatitis B jab was given separately and only to those infants at risk. The BBC covered the story on the news. Visits to the 6-in1 vaccination page increased by 149% to 4,593 and on the 6-in-1 vaccination side effects page visits went up by 81% to 4,682.

Breastfeeding: Last week was World Breastfeeding Week and a number of stories on the subject popped up around the internet. One such story was a photo gallery on The Guardian. The week saw visits to the Breastfeeding benefits page up by 113% to 5,225.

Measles: Holiday-makers have been warned about taking unvaccinated children to Europe as 13 cases of measles have been reported in Wales. The BBC reports that more than 16,000 cases have been identified on the continent so far. The news had visits to the Measles introduction page up by 73% to 4,543.

Top 10 search engine referral phrases: ‘Pneumonia’ moved into the top 10 this week after ranking in 36th place last week.


Bowel Cancer Self-Assessment: An Australian woman urged people not to ignore the symptoms of bowel cancer after surviving the condition. The Independent had the story of Sherie Haggar, who was in a lot of pain and was made sick even after drinking water, but thought she just had IBS. The story had a direct link to the Bowel cancer self-assessment tool which increased visits by 66% to 11,454.

Vitiligo: Vitiligo was in the news as the Daily Mail had a story about a 17 year old girl in New Dehli who was diagnosed with the condition at 7 years old, but more recently has been creating artwork with her skin patches on her blog. The story increased visits to the Vitiligo introduction page by 64% to 12,196.

Cancer of the Pancreas: Speeding up access to surgery for pancreatic cancer patients has increased success rates by a third and saved the NHS money, the BBC reports. A team from University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust saved around £3,200 per patient after moving the time to surgery from two months to two weeks. The news had visits to the Cancer of the pancreas introduction page up by 56% to 8,706.

Top 10 videos: Video views, including those on the NHS Choices YouTube channel, totalled 116,207, a 2.86% decrease compared with the previous week. The Pilates video was top with 4,556 views.

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