Monthly social and digital blog – August 2017

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In June 2017, our Facebook account gained 3,252 new followers taking the total up to 152,142. We received 867 new followers on Twitter, taking the total to 212,364. Across the month, we had 181,217 engaged users, encompassing likes, comments, shares and clicks on social media.

Most clicked on Facebook

Rank Page Clicks
1 Men ACWY vaccine 2,570
2 Self-help tips to fight fatigue 2,121
3 Depression self-assessment 2,071
4 10 medical reasons for feeling tired 2,017
5 Hangover cures 1,541
6 Benefits of breastfeeding 1,275
7 Top diets review for 2017 1,054
8 Sertraline 1,008
9 Tiredness and fatigue 977
10 What is a Mediterranean diet? 931


Most clicked on Twitter


Rank Page Clicks
1 Common posture mistakes and fixes 550
2 Your medicine cabinet 485
3 What’s your heart age? 411
4 Depression self-assessment 351
5 What’s your heart age? 337
6 Breathing exercise for stress 318
7 10 medical reasons for feeling tired 300
8 Kidney disease check 290
9 Mood self-assessment 266
10 What’s your heart age? 235


Heart age tool
For the ninth consecutive month, the Heart age tool posts are the most featured in the top 10 list on Twitter. Tweets about the tool were 3rd, 5th and 10th this month with 1,094 clicks from 4 separate tweets.
Other successful tools included the self-assessment tools for depression (3rd most clicked on Facebook, 4th most clicked on Twitter) and for kidney health (8th most clicked on Twitter).

Our campaign to encourage first time university students to get the Men ACWY vaccine is in full swing. The vaccine helps protect university freshers from meningitis and septicaemia. The most clicked post this month encouraged users to ‘tag’ their friends. This paid post had 5,584 reactions, comments and shares, 2,570 link clicks and reached 526,349 people.

The second most clicked post on the NHS Choices Facebook page was a post linking to ‘self-help tips to fight fatigue’. This had 529 reactions, comments and shares, 2,121 clicks and reached 54,807 people. Tiredness was a popular topic this August, with the 10 medical reasons for feeling tired and the tiredness and fatigue hub pages both featuring in the most clicked list.

“A prescription for murder”
The BBC recently aired an episode of Panorama exploring a supposed link between violence and certain anti-depressants such as sertraline. This caused a spike in visits to the Beta page for Sertraline. After a tip-off from the Medicines Information team, we posted a link to this page referencing the Panorama episode and reinforcing that there is little evidence of this link.

This Facebook post had 405 reactions, comments and shares, 1,008 link clicks and reached 45,606 people. Many people in the comments section were glad to see this post.
August 2017

World breastfeeding week
The article on the benefits of breastfeeding was popular during World Breastfeeding week. One Facebook post received 1,511 reactions, comments and shares, 1,275 link clicks and reached 75,412 people.

The Your Health newsletter

The main feature of the August edition of Your Health was the Men ACWY vaccine. The newsletter also included links to the new Active 10 app, the understanding BMI video, advice on healthier takeaways, the summer holiday checklist, advice on exam stress, and diet tips. Your Health was sent to subscribers on Tuesday 29th August, and resent to non-openers on Thursday 31st August. The result was 22,819 unique opens from 94,112 subscribers.

You can view the newsletter here.

Your Health analytics
Sent: 93,616
Unique addresses received: 93,104
Open rate: 22,819 unique opens – 24.37%
Click through rate: 6,570 clicks – 28.79%

The 5 most popular pieces of content were:

  1. Men ACWY: unique clicks = 1,290, repeat clicks = 315
  2. 10 popular diets reviewed: unique clicks = 1,244, repeat clicks = 297
  3. Understanding BMI: unique clicks = 1,027, repeat clicks = 204
  4. Active 10: unique clicks = 963, repeat clicks = 141
  5. Healthier takeaways: unique clicks = 864, repeat clicks = 102

Facebook and Instagram increase readability

Facebook is changing the design of the News Feed to make it more legible, clickable and comment friendly. It is much clearer where threads start and end in comments and buttons are bigger and easier to recognise with a new unfilled line drawing style. This could be to make them less distracting so the user focusses on the content rather than the skin. Instagram has also improved, with comment reels now being threaded so you can have sub-conversations in public.

There’s more and more white space on Facebook, which could be intended to reduce eye fatigue during long browsing sessions and let your friends’ content pop off the screen more vividly. Facebook’s design team writes “we did not want to just ‘fiddle at the edges’, but rather make something that billions of people use every day less frustrating.”

Facebook comments are now in a ‘bubble’ style. This makes threading clearer, and may encourage the rapid-fire conversations people typically have in private messages. Facebook has been trying to make comments feel more alive recently with fast-moving conversations becoming their own chat windows.

Both the Facebook and Instagram changes will roll out to all iOS and Android users over the next few weeks. You can read more changes to Instagram here and Facebook here.


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