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The road to Transparency  –  the first stop

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Since my first blog back in September, setting out our ambitions for improving data transparency for the NHS and specifically My NHS, we have achieved a lot! Now that this initial proof of concept has paused it gives us a chance to take stock of our achievements and prepare for our next steps along the …

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My NHS – The road to transparency

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As I start to write this, it is exactly 10 months to the day that we started planning the next evolution of the My NHS site and more specifically the data platform on which it sits. This is the ongoing story of how we are taking My NHS forward in order to support the NHS becoming a …

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And now, the end is near

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After eight intense weeks of Discovery we’re now weighing up the merits of turning to Open or Closed Source options for our future CMS. Over that time we have remained open to all possibilities and put together a substantial amount of work without relying on assumptions or foregone conclusions. During our intense discovery work we’ve: Completed 45 …

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Planning for Shrexit

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Last week, the hype about the EU referendum started to increase and the Flying Scotsman took to the rails again, so it seems remiss not to make a passing reference to both. Hence, our Shrexit from SharePoint is continuing full steam ahead! With some of the team returning from a week’s skiing in the Alps, …

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New personalisation options

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It’s been almost one month since some important changes were made to the website as part of our efforts to improve personalisation. But what are those changes, and why did we make them? In August we were commissioned by NHS England to assemble a team to work on a personalisation. This work aims to make it …

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Technology enablement – some early lessons

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Lessons learned crop

When we think about ‘technology enablement’, it can be thought of the underlying technology that people need, but don’t notice – and if that’s the case, we have done our job. The mission is: ‘Support NHS Choices Transformation through the investigation of technology options and standards, to enable sustained and continuous delivery of value to …

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A vision for the technical enablement team

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Vision fo search feature crop - May 2015

The first blog from the search team is finally here! This one is short and sweet, explaining what the team has achieved during iteration one. Integral to our efforts is our ‘vision’ – a statement which will remain central as we look to analyse and develop the NHS Choices search function. Vision for the technical …

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Visual Identity

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With over 41 million visits a month, updating the look and feel of a site like Choices can be a risky business. Over the coming months we will be doing exactly that leading up to a unveiling of a new look Choices in December. We started the work with a user research workshop where we …

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A new way to find articles on NHS Choices

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With over 18000 pages of content we are always looking for new ways in which we can ensure that visitors are aware of the information we have available. In order to make finding articles easier, we have developed an ontology in order to classify all the articles that appear on NHS Choices. This ontology is available …

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