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A new hospital and GP experience on Bing

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Choosing the right GP surgery for you and your family is important. Not only is location significant, you may also want to take into account what facilities are there, the opening times and what other patients have experienced. If you want to change surgery or find out where your closest A&E is, for a number …

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Usability testing our prototype with Steve Krug

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Some members of our User Research team and I recently attended a GDS-led event on usability testing. The event’s special guest was acclaimed user experience professional Steve Krug, who wrote the renowned usability books Don’t Make Me Think and Rocket Surgery Made Easy. Our current chickenpox prototype, as created by the Conditions transformation squad, featured …

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Getting started with an inception day

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As we started to discuss where we begin with our Information Seeking Discovery phase, we soon realised we have loads of existing research and data, and there are lots of different areas that we could look at. To bring some increased focus to what we’re doing – and to get a shared view of what a …

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Turning ketchup (and UX) on its head – Steven Shukor, NHS Choices Live Well Editor

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Good design solves problems. Good design is liberating. Take Ketchup bottles, for example. Generations of consumers have endured decades of frustration trying to extract the red gooey condiment from the thin, rigid bottleneck until one bright light noticed that people were balancing the bottles upside down before helping themselves. It was a game changer and …

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Card sorting and content strategy

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User-centred and evidence-based approaches  -integrated through out the design and  development process – help create products that people actually use and result in behaviour change. We use many methods within User Experience to understand what users are doing and why they do it. There are, of course, multiple users and a myriad of goals, attitudes …

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