Social and digital media monthly report – June 2015

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New followers on Twitter: 2,297
Total Followers on Twitter:  168,263

New followers on Facebook: 1094
Total followers on Facebook: 77,693

Total impressions for this month: 5,478,135
Total engagement for this month: 70,867
Total mentions for this month: 57,000

Top 5 links for Twitter, Facebook and Google plus

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Hot weather
Hot weather was our hottest topic on Twitter this June, with the two most successful posts of the month linking to how to prepare for a heatwave. A Twitter post explaining ‘Knowing how to keep cool during long periods of hot weather can help save lives’, achieved 837 link clicks on June 30th, and the post ‘Be prepared for the #heatwave! Info on how to keep cool and safe’ had 687 link clicks on June 29th.

When referencing the Met Office statistics that ‘there is an 80% chance of a heatwave in England’, our Facebook post saw a huge 705 shares, 325 likes and 2,362 link clicks. On Twitter we saw an equally successful 524 link clicks and 146 retweets. We expect heatwaves to be a popular subject in the near future, so to prepare for the social media heatwave frenzy, the team are working on summer health graphics in a similar format to our winter health graphics

UK Bike Week
A post on bike week was the most successful post on Facebook this month, linking to the Live Well article on the benefits of cycling. The post had 92 likes, 242 shares and 792 link clicks. On Twitter, the post had 94 retweets and 408 link clicks.

Breastfeeding Awareness Week
June also saw Breastfeeding Awareness Week – a continually popular subject on social media. On June 23rd our post on Facebook, featuring the rights to breastfeed in public, had 460 likes, 351 shares, 908 link clicks and, most interestingly, 63 comments. These comments featured debate points of breastfeeding in public, mainly from mothers themselves. This highlighted the fact that the active ‘online mum community’ is present in our online following.

Supporting the #MissingType campaign
missing type

During National Blood Week, NHS Blood and Transplant ran a campaign called Missing Type, where organisations, companies and individual users were encouraged to lose the As, Bs and Os from their names. This was to attract 200,000 new volunteers to keep blood stocks up, after revealing that 40% fewer new blood donors came forward last year compared to a decade ago. A large part of this campaign took place on social media, with large organisations such as Waterstones, Santander and Odeon contributing. Our posts on social media contributed to 865 link clicks to their website, with our top Twitter post receiving 95 retweets and 27 favourites, and our top Facebook post gathering 79 likes and 66 shares.

Google Plus
running day

Our new software now allows us to track data from our posts on Google Plus (G+). We have started posting statuses that we either know will do well, or have performed well on Facebook. The most successful post of the month was on running correctly, posted on National Running Day. This post had 370 link clicks, which is impressive as the average link click rate is 13. We will continue to post on awareness/celebration days in the continual investigation to identify popular subjects specific to G+.

Your Health email newsletter
your health june

Last month saw the arrival of everyone’s favourite season, so we took the opportunity to focus on our summer health bundle for June’s newsletter. With the summer holidays on everyone’s minds, we expected that features focused on holiday travelling to be particularly popular.

The most popular feature last month focused on our ‘How to beat jet lag’ page. The newsletter directly took 1,374 people to that page, with 104 visiting the page more than once. Our click-through rate has consistently remained in the between 20-30% range, with June’s coming in at 23%, well within the industry standard.

As you will notice, the top five wasn’t exclusively dominated by features based around the summer bundle. Moving forward, we are looking to develop and refocus our monthly newsletter. This will allow us to become more reactive and able to capitalise on health trends and popular topics.

You can see the newsletter here.

top five live links from email newsletter

  1. How to beat jet lag
  2. Are you bloated by bread?
  3. The causes of hot flushes
  4. Travel vaccinations
  5. Sun safety

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